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Code Snippets is an easy, clean and simple way to add code snippets to your site. It removes the need to add custom snippets to your theme theme’s functions.php file.

A snippet is a small chunk of PHP code that you can use to extend the functionality of a WordPress-powered website; essentially a mini-plugin with less load on your site. Most snippet-hosting sites tell you to add snippet code to your active theme’s functions.php file, which can get rather long and messy after a while. Code Snippets changes that by providing a GUI interface for adding snippets and actually running them on your site just as if they were in your theme’s functions.php file.

Code Snippets provides graphical interface, similar to the Plugins menu, for managing snippets. Snippets can can be activated and deactivated, just like plugins. The snippet editor includes fields for a name, a visual editor-enabled description, tags to allow you to categorize snippets, and a full-featured code editor. Snippets can be exported for transfer to another side, either in XML for later importing by the Code Snippets plugin, or in PHP for creating your own plugin or theme.


Reviews and Mentions

Recommended by Nathan B. Weller from Elegant Themes as one of his Top Non-Obvious WordPress Plugins on CodeinWP.

Code Snippets was #1 on ManageWP’s Top 10 WordPress Plugins of the Month for September 2012.

It was on ManageWP’s list of Top 100 Free WordPress Plugins of the Year, as well as one of Tom Ewer’s personal top 10 picks.

Reviewed by WPMU Dev: WordPress Code Snippets: Keep them Organized with this Plugin!

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