How to earn free Dropbox space

No doubt you’ve heard of the popular file-hosting service Dropbox. It’s a great way to store and backup your files as it syncs between computers and you can also access your files through a Web interface. The only problem is, a free account has only 2 GB of storage space. You could always upgrade, but here are some free and perfectly legitimate ways to earn free Dropbox space.

Edit: If you want even more space than you can get from Dropbox, there are plenty of alternatives you may want to take a look at.

Use a referral link to sign-up

When you sign up to Dropbox, is you haven’t already be sure to use a referral link. This will give both you and the person who owns the referral link an extra 150 MB of space! You can use mine:

Get started

Complete the steps at to earn 250 MB.

Invite your friends to Dropbox

For every friend who joins and installs Dropbox, you and your friend will get 250 MB 500 MB of bonus space, up to a limit of 8 GB 16 GB. Visit to get started.

Connect your social media accounts

Go to and complete the tasks to earn 128 MB per task completed!

Connect your .edu email account

Do you go to school? Do you own a .edu email account? If the latter is true, verify your school email account at, and for each person you refer to Dropbox you will get 500 MB of space instead of the usual 250 MB! You’re friend will get the usual 250 MB.

Update: Since Dropbox has doubled the referral bonus for all users, this no longer works.

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