Available immediately is Code Snippets version 1.8. This release greatly improves code quality, and fixes quite a few small bugs and adds minor enhancements. It also removes the restriction of […]

Available immediately is Code Snippets 1.6. This release contains a bunch of bug fixes and optimization improvements. You can find the full list of changes on the Changelog page. Code Snippets 1.6 also fixes some compatibility issues with […]

I’m currently working on a new WordPress plugin: Post Formats. As the name may suggest, the plugin will automatically add post format support to themes which do not yet support them. The […]

Available immediately is Code Snippets 1.5. This is undoubtedly the biggest release since version 1.0. Here are just some of the new features that you can look forward to after updating: Search snippets from […]

NeXT Commander Portable version 8 has been released. It’s based off version of NeXT Commander, packaged in format so it runs from a USB drive, portable HDD, or […]

I’ve created a portable version of Bricx Command Center that can run from a USB flash drive or other portable media, and stores no registry entries or data on the […]