.htaccess made easy

I’m looking at buying a recently released book: .htaccess made easy. htaccess is a subject which I am competent in, but I’d like to know more about it.

This book is written for web designers, site admins, and hobbyists who want to learn how to become an .htaccess ninja. To use the examples and techniques in the book, you’ll need a server running Apache, a good FTP program, and your favorite browser.

You can buy the eBook version of the book for a limited time at a special launch price of $20. I think I’ll wait until the print version comes out, and then buy the eBook and print book combo. The price includes help forum access, free lifetime updates, free starter templates for WordPress, password protection, boilerplate (starter) htaccess, site maintenance, and more. Another thing I love about the book is that it includes an exclusive WordPress-oriented chapter.

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