Bookmarks Shortcode plugin updated to version 2.0

After nearly half a year, the Bookmarks Shortcode plugin has been updated to version 2.0, bringing much-needed features and fixing a few preposterous bugs.

The plugin will now accept all of the arguments accepted by the wp_list_bookmarks() function. For example: [[bookmarks show_images=0 show_ratings=1 show_name=1 ]]

Now there are three shortcodes that all do the same thing – [[bookmarks]], [[links]] and [[blogroll]].

A shortcode will not be registered if that same shortcode already exists.

Shortcodes can now be used in text widgets.

Content will can now be placed before and after the shortcode, as opposed to the bookmarks always coming first.

If you want to look at a full list of what’s changed, visit the plugin’s listing in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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