Code Snippets plugin released

I have just released a new WordPress plugin: Code Snippets.

You know when you find really useful snippets on sites like WP Snippets or WPMU and you have to copy-and-paste the code into your theme’s functions.php file. Then your theme upgrades, and you lose all of your snippets? Not fun.

Plus it looks really messy, all those lines of code and actions and hooks and functions and shortcodes all bunched up together so you don’t know what does what and where.

That’s where Code Snippets comes in.

Code Snippets provides a GUI (graphical) interface for adding code (PHP) snippets to your blog. That means that you can add snippets straight from your WordPress Dashboard without having to mess around with FTP or editing files.

You can also provide a name for the snippet and use a visual editor to write a description. As for the code, well you can now use the TAB key to indent the PHP code thanks to Ted Devito’s Tabby jQuery plugin.

The interface you can use to manage the snippets looks and feels like the Plugins menu that we are all used to. You can activate, deactivate and delete snippets. Once a snippet is active it will run on your site until deactivated.

Also, the plugin includes an option to clean up its data when you uninstall it (which you never will, trust me).

This is my second plugin, and by far the most biggest and complicated. It has taken me around two weeks for me to write it.

You can read more about Code Snippets at theĀ WordPress Extend Plugin Directory. Don’t forget to rate it!

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