Code Snippets 1.7 released along with new plugin

Code Snippets 1.7 is now available. This release greatly improves the plugin API, allowing you to write your own plugins that extend the base Code Snippets plugin’s functionality. To demonstrate these new capabilities, I’ve released the first addon plugin for Code Snippets, which brings a much-requested feature to the plugin. Code Snippets Tags will allow you to organize your snippets into tags.

Those who are testing Code Snippets with the experimental MP6 admin interface will find a brand-new snippets icon that fits right into the new design. As well as these great features, Code Snippets 1.7 allows you to use the <?php and ?> tags in your snippets, use the plugin on selected sites on WordPress multisite (instead of just network-wide), and activate a snippet immediately after editing. It also improves the design of the edit snippet admin page and fixes a few bugs.

Existing Code Snippets users can automatically update to Code Snippets 1.7 in their WordPress dashboards, and new users can download it from Remember to also install the new Code Snippets Tags plugin for better organization of your snippets. Enjoy the new releases!

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