Explain xkcd bookmarklet

Explain xkcd bookmarklet

As you may know, I really love reading comics over at xkcd. However, some of the comic meanings can be a bit abstract, and it helps to verify your interpretation is correct.

One of the best services for doing so is explain xkcd, a wiki where anyone can submit and contribute to explanations.  However, it becomes tedious reading multiple comics over at xckd.com and then looking up their explanations on explain xkcd.

I created a bookmarklet that sits in your bookmark bar or menu, and if you click it when you’re visiting a comic over at xkcd.com, it will take you to the explanation.

[CodePen height=300 show=result href=ezoyk user=bungeshea ]

Next time you’re visiting xkcd.com, click on the bookmark and you should be redirected directly to the explanation for the comic you’re viewing.

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