ManageWP for Chrome: Link to your dashboard from the new tab page

If you answered ‘yes’ to all (or some) of those questions, then you man be interested in my ManageWP app for Chrome.

What it does is places a link on your new tab page so when you click on the ManageWP icon it takes you straight to your dashboard.

Unfortunately, I cannot post it in the Chrome Web Store as doing so would require me to own the ManageWP website, which I do not.

Instead, you can download the unofficial ManageWP app for Chrome directly from GitHub. You will need to download it to your local machine, unzip it and then access the .crx file with Chrome or drag it to your new tab page. Enjoy!

You can also view the project on GitHub and get the source, watch it, fork it, whatever.

DISCLAIMER: The ManageWP app for Chrome as described and linked to in this post is in no way authorized, affiliated or endorsed by the ManageWP Team or the ManageWP website. I have made this app in the hope that it will be useful, but no warranty is given. The app is not an official ManageWP product.


  1. Very cool! We appreciate your effort, and would like to send you small gift from us. Can you contact me on my email for further instructions? Thanks. Dejan C, ManageWP


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