A remarkable online markdown editor

I really love Markdown. Its basic syntax helps me to write formatted text files quickly and efficiently. Plus, it’s integrated with some of my favourite websites, such as Stack Overflow and GitHub.

When writing a markdown file, I tend to use MarkdownPad for Windows. I especially love the split-screen editing. However, MarkdownPad is a locally-installed application, and only available on Windows. I’m not always working on a Windows machine where I can install programs. is an online markdown editor. It sports many cool features such as live previewing (like MarkdownPad), converting between HTML, autosave with revisions, and an editor with syntax highlighting, indenting, line numbers, and themes. Best of all, it’s integrated into Dropbox and Evernote so I can sync my markdown files between devices. It also lets you save files to your account and provides you with a link to share with someone else.

screenshot of the editor

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable Markdown editor in the cloud with pretty sweet features, give Markable a try.

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