Use GistBox app to manage your code snippets

GitHub Gists is a great place to share code snippets you’re writing or you find somewhere on the web, or even just some code you want to archive for later. However, it’s not a complete solution for creating a library of snippets, and lacks some of the features you might expect such as tagging snippets for better organization or searching the library of snippets.

That’s where GistBox comes into play. The free web-based application is also offered as an app for Google Chrome. It syncs with your GitHub Gist account and with other GistBox applications in real-time. As well as the ability to apply labels to your snippets, GistBox sports a beautiful design and awesome features such as handy keyboard shortcuts, a syntax-aware code editor, searching and filtering, split-panel browsing of snippets you own as well as the ones you’ve stared over at GitHub. Screenshot of GistBox If you like using Gists to store and share code, then you might be interested in GistBox. The features it boasts are quite impressive. Check it out at


  1. I would like to know if I could ask for your files for wp-snippets and if there were a way of uploading the file into my phpMyAdmin folder, again. I would be willing to make a monetary contribution to your plugin, if you could help. Thanks for any points in the right direction!


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