Change the email address used by WordPress

The other day I sat down and wrote a plugin. Just a small plugin, mind, but an extremely useful one.

I was reading the WPMU blog the other day when I came across a post featuring a plugin that allowed you to change the email address that WordPress uses to send emails from. By default it is, which can sometimes confuse visitors and may not be a real email address. I thought that being able to change this sounded great, but I was not so sure about the plugin. For starters it isn’t listed in the Plugin Directory and must be downloaded from the developer’s website. This presents another issue with plugin updates and security concerns. I also thought that the plugin didn’t call for having a settings page. Why fill in another email and name when you have already defined a site email and site name in General Settings? So this is when I created Personal Email.

Personal Email is a simple plugin. Just install it and you’re good to go. It grabs the admin email and site name set in the General Options (Settings > General) page of your WordPress dashboard and sets them to be the default address and name that WordPress uses to send emails.

You can download Personal Email from and be sure to check out its dedicated page on this website.

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