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  • Code Snippets 1.9 released

    Released just now was Code Snippets 1.9, bringing a whole bunch of fixes, optimizations and subtle improvements. I hope you’ll enjoy discovering the changes yourself, but if you want to see the whole exhaustive list, check out the changelog. Along with this version version is a snazzy new header image for WordPress.org. Where the old […]

  • Code Snippets 1.8 Released

    Available immediately is Code Snippets version 1.8. This release greatly improves code quality, and fixes quite a few small bugs and adds minor enhancements. It also removes the restriction of needing to provide a name and some code for a snippet (all fields are now optional), as there is no real reason for this restriction, […]

  • Code Snippets 1.7 released along with new plugin

    Code Snippets 1.7 is now available. This release greatly improves the plugin API, allowing you to write your own plugins that extend the base Code Snippets plugin’s functionality. To demonstrate these new capabilities, I’ve released the first addon plugin for Code Snippets, which brings a much-requested feature to the plugin. Code Snippets Tags will allow you […]

  • Code Snippets 1.6 released

    Available immediately is Code Snippets 1.6. This release contains a bunch of bug fixes and optimization improvements. You can find the full list of changes on the Changelog page. Code Snippets 1.6 also fixes some compatibility issues with WordPress 3.5. Download Code Snippets version 1.6 now, or upgrade via your WordPress dashboard.

  • Code Snippets 1.5 released

    Available immediately is Code Snippets 1.5. This is undoubtedly the biggest release since version 1.0. Here are just some of the new features that you can look forward to after updating: Search snippets from the Manage Snippets page Use views to easily filter activated, deactivated and recently activated snippets Sort snippets by name or ID Improved API New ‘Export […]

  • Code Snippets 1.4 released

    Released some time last night was Code Snippets 1.4. This release adds an interface for running snippets across an entire network (multisite) and better syntax highlighting in the code editor

  • Code Snippets 1.1 update

    Code Snippets 1.1 update

    My Code Snippets plugin has recently been updated to version 1.1. This version fixes a bug with DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT being set to true and  a bug with the page title reading ‘Add New Snippet’ on the ‘Edit Snippet’ page. Download Code Snippets 1.1 Changelog WordPress.org

  • Code Snippets plugin released

    I have just released a new WordPress plugin: Code Snippets. You know when you find really useful snippets on sites like WP Snippets or WPMU and you have to copy-and-paste the code into your theme’s functions.php file. Then your theme upgrades, and you lose all of your snippets? Not fun. Plus it looks really messy, […]